How to Win at Roulette in an Online Casino?

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Roulette is in great demand among gamblers. And the reason is simple — if Fortune smiles upon you, a single bet allows you to get a significant cash prize.

Novice players and experienced gamblers alike want not only to play, but also win at roulette in a casino. Effective systems exist, and they really work. And this is not a scam, some gaming clubs even ban some strategies because they really allow you to win on the regular.

Can I Play Roulette and Win?

There are various ways to win in an online casino, which are called winning strategies. And they are effective, because it is not in vain that large offline establishments have a security service that figures out clients playing according to certain schemes, and then closes their access to the institution. Losing or winning is a matter of chance, but on the condition that the user does not adhere to any system. If you use a win-win strategy, this does not mean that you expect a 100% gain, but the chances for it increase significantly.

The main question concerning you must be, “Can I win at roulette?” Yes, and for this, you need to choose a licensed online casino that conducts an honest and transparent game and has a high percentage of return — in the range of 95-98%.

By beating European roulette or its American variety, you can get a large amount of money. And various strategies can help you improve your chances. There are a lot of them, they are all different in scheme and difficulty, and they require impeccable compliance to obtain a satisfactory result.

Martingale Strategy

The easiest and most popular method of playing roulette is based on exact mathematical formulas. That is, following all the tips below, a player is very likely to get the desired result. Given that most modern online casinos use euro as their main currency, examples in this article will also be described in this currency.

The first step is a bet of €1 on a color, and it is not so important on which one. The player needs to wait until the roulette rolls the same color twice in a row. After that, the color on which you bet must be changed to the opposite. If a player wins in this round, then luck is on his or her side. If a player loses a bet, during the next round it is necessary to put a double bet on the same color, that is, in our case, €2. In each subsequent round, in case of loss, you must double your previous bet until the moment the bet wins. Here you need to remember the basic rule: make the move on the same color until winning.

At first glance, such a scheme would certainly not be beneficial for the player. But let's summarize. Suppose a player wins a bet of €8. That means the winning is €16. If you count all the previous moves made by the player, you get the following spendings: €8 + €4 + €2 + €1 = €15. Thus, our player deservedly receives a prize of €1. This is precisely what Martingale’s method consists in — playing calmly but correctly. Whatever bet the user wins, his cash prize will always be €1 (or a size equal to the original bet). After winning the scheme can be repeated again.

Does this Method Really Work with 100% Probability?

No matter how absurd it may sound, but yes! Playing roulette with this scheme will bring the player a win with almost 100% probability, because the main principle of this approach is to win small amounts. Thanks to patience and strict adherence to all instructions, you will win a pleasant amount at roulette, with a minimum of effort.

What Difficulties May Arise?

We strongly recommend that you do not deviate from the instructions of the Martingale method. Only with patience can you come to big money.

To play roulette with the Martingale method, you must have a starting capital. This is necessary in order to double the bet each time in case of loss. On average, “insurance money” is required for 6 rounds of roulette, that is, to double your initial bet 5 times. Provided that the first bet is €1, you will ultimately need €1 + €2 + €4 + €8 + €16 + €32 = €63. This is the minimum capital required to start playing roulette with this method. The maximum initial capital may not be impressive, because the main feature of the scheme is that the amount that you have in your pocket at the beginning of the game is not so important. Under any scenario, your winnings will be equal to the initial bet, regardless of how much you bet on the last spin.

Summing up, it is worth saying that the Martingale method is not suitable for those players who strive to become millionaires instantly and forget about the words “work” and “patience”. This approach will appeal more to calm gambling enthusiasts who do not dream of gaining all the riches of the world, but also do not miss the opportunity to replenish their wallet without making any special effort.

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