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What are pokies

Competitions in online casino sites are a real passion. According to the idea of online gambling establishment events, at the end of a tournament someone is granted the major reward. The winner is the player who gains more competition points than others.

In most tournaments, an impressive prize pool is divided among a certain number of players who have gambled a lot and thus earned the maximum number of points. Sometimes, prizes are credited to randomly selected lucky users who participate in a certain promotion. So, let’s overview various types of tournaments that are held in Gunsbet casino.

What Events does GunsBet Hold?

GunsBet regularly hosts various tournaments, both in-house and in collaboration with software providers. And everyone can win one of the treasures hidden in the Wild West.

Jackpot Every Day

Jackpot awaits you every day! All you need to do is simply to play any casino games for real money! Undoubtedly, video online slots are favorites among gambling fans. Slot machines, which stand out due to fascinating stories and variable gameplay, provide users with a complete immersion in the game, positive emotions and big wins. GunsBet makes them even more attractive.

Every euro spent on your favorite games gives you one point and helps you progress in the Jackpot Every Day leaderboard. The essence of tournaments on slot machines consists, first of all, in the opportunity of getting large prizes. The promotion’s prize pool is cumulative and it is divided between three winners in the ratio 70%, 20%, and 10%.

Weekly Tournaments with €5000 Prize Pool

If one-day competitions are too short of a timespan for you, you can take part in weekly ones. The conditions are pretty similar to the daily jackpot ones: you can play any slot, one euro of bet equals one point. Though, the prizes are fixed: €5,000 are divided between fifty gamblers according to their place in the leaderboard. And for this, it’s just enough to go to the online casino site at the right time, select your favorite slot machine and start making your real money bets. The more stakes you make, the closer a reward is. This is the Wild West Tournament!

Tournaments Held by Software Providers

GunsBet cooperates with different casino software suppliers to offer a high variety of campaigns. Providers’ campaigns are usually long, lasting from several days to several months. They vary in qualifying games, wagering requirements, number of winners, conditions for getting a prize, and so on.

What Games to Choose for a Tournament?

The list of participating games is always attached to the tournament page. It can be a particular game type, like slots, or titles by a particular provider if a certain company organizes an event. In fact, it does not matter at all which of the tournament machines a particular user plays: the chances of winning are equally high for everyone. But definitely, players feel more confident when playing on familiar and proven slot machines. Therefore, all GunsBet players can pre-train on the demo versions of the slot machines available on the site.

Get Your Share of Tournament Prize Pools in GunsBet Casino

When it comes to tournaments, the GunsBet online gambling platform picks the best video slots in regards to appeal and also winning chances. They are joined by some basic aspect, theme or other qualitative characteristics. But most often, players can choose slot machines themselves, gamble as usual, and progress in the leaderboard without noticing that.

Nevertheless, we would recommend you to participate actively in at least one event. GunsBet competitions are extremely exciting and vibrant. A great deal of gamers are involved in them, and the listing of leaders is continuously changing. Sometimes, up until the last moment, nobody knows who luck will certainly grin at. The leaderboard is frequently updated, and you follow it in real time on a special competition page.

You can try the thrill of tournaments yourself. TheGunsBet online casino website consistently hosts exciting events. Join, earn points, and get bonus cash and other prizes!

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