AskGamblers Award — 3rd Place Player’s Choice

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Let's start with who the AskGamblers are. This is a popular website in the gambling community. It’s an authoritative resource that exists in order to give the most truthful, detailed, and relevant information about everything that happens in the online casino world. Here you will find honest casino reviews, expert team ratings, news on promotions, and the opinions of ordinary players, and other interesting things for those who are interested in the gambling industry.

The website has gained popularity and respect for its impartiality and objectivity towards online casinos. The site has a separate section devoted to users’ reviews and solutions to disputes that affect the rating of the casino. And all owners of online casinos attach great importance to the players’ opinions written on this resource and influenced by it.

There are some reasons for gamblers to trust the website:

  1. The team of AskGamblers has more than 10 years of experience in the gambling segment.
  2. You can submit a complaint about any online casino here to get professional help. The guys will conduct a thorough investigation and really help solve the problem.
  3. The resource has its own black list of casinos, which is tantamount to an almost irrevocable loss of reputation and customers. Therefore, online casinos do their best not to ignore complaints and to resolve any disputes in a peaceful way. Being disapproved by AskGamblers is a powerful blow to the status of a gambling establishment.
  4. On the other hand, AskGamblers has its own Certificate of Trust. If a most reliable independent team examines and estimates a gambling website and claims that it’s worth joining, players can be sure that a particular casino is safe to play in.

So, players listen to the AskGamblers point of view. And the website, in its turn, takes into consideration players’ opinions. For example, the AskGamblers team annually gives players a chance to vote for casino brands and games that they believe to deserve recognition for their excellent performance.

And last year, in 2019, our casino took an honorable third place in the users’ votation. Our players appreciated all the advantages of the GunsBet online casino.

We carefully monitor the quality of the games provided, the winning payouts, and user support. A team of professionals is always striving to improve our online casino, providing the best service for its players. So, we bring our A and are happy to get such an impact.

We are content that GunsBet was highly praised by AskGamblers, but we are not going to stop there. There is no limit to our perfection! We will raise the bar and try to reach great heights, taking only first places. Start playing on our website right now and see for yourself the way from a great online casino to the greatest one.

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