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What is Bitcoin Cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a digital currency based on the original Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Cash was created because of different points of view about the blockchain scalability in the cryptocurrency community. After an increase in the number of users, problems related to the Bitcoin’s transaction time emerged. As a result, many people had to wait for transactions to be completed for hours, sometimes several days.

There was a lot of controversy in searching for ways to solve this problem, which eventually led to a split of the cryptocurrency community into two groups. The first advocated for an increase of the block size in a blockchain. The second approved a restructuring of the way data is stored in an already created blockchain. Eventually, the proponents of the first approach created the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency.

Accordingly, the most evident difference between both cryptocurrencies is the block size. Increasing it from 1 MB to 8 MB made it possible to process more transactions in one block. The idea was to speed up the transfer of larger amounts of funds in the network and to reduce fees. Of course, the capacity of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain depends on how many miners are on the network. Over the course of time, many miners have given up on Bitcoin and opted for a new cryptocurrency.

Main characteristics of BCH as a cryptocurrency:

  • stock ticker: BCH, BCC;
  • mining algorithm: SHA-256;
  • block size: 8MB;
  • average commission: $0.07 USD;
  • average time per block: ~15 minutes (systemically - no more than 1 block in 10 minutes);
  • contains Segwit? Not. Each transaction contains its own unique digital signature.

Main characteristics of the BCH network:

  • difficulty: 247,017,115,805;
  • network hashrate: 1.996 Ehash / s;
  • block reward: 12.5 BCH.

Why play BCH at an online casino?

Usually, online casinos impose a limit on the number of transactions per day or per month, and some even charge a rather large commission for Inbound and outbound transactions. However, if you play for Bitcoin Cash, such limits are applicable. In general, cryptocurrencies are characterized by the absence of many restrictions and regulations that are applied to fiat currencies. Speaking of law, if a particular casino is banned in your country, digital currencies allow you to still play in it. Bitcoin Cash is completely anonymous, so no one will ever know precisely where you are playing from.

A small number of digital currency units is not advisable to withdraw. So if you have cryptocurrency "pennies," a great solution would be to play on them. Who knows, you may be able to increase your capital by turning a small amount into a fortune. ВСН in gambling have finally become the way that allows you not to pay attention to any state borders and calmly interact with any organization in any country in the world. At the same time, unlike an international bank transfer, there is no risk of "hanging" or "freezing" the transaction, as well as the fact that you will have to explain your motives to government agencies or bank employees.

On the one hand, we can say that it smacks of illegality. However, how fair are the total bans on money transfers themselves - and how correct is it that the bank has the right to refuse its client to carry out a transaction?

How to use BCH at a casino?

How to use BCH at a casino

The financial stability of Gunsbet guarantees that playing for real money will always be available. This factor allows players to make payments and withdraw winnings at all times. ВСН casinos provide security and ease of operation, but it is not that often that a casino site allows you to use Bitcoin Cash to play casino games. Luckily for you, Gunsbet gladly provides you with such an opportunity.

Other than that, playing online slots and casino games with BCH does not differ from playing in any other available currency. You deposit a certain amount of Bitcoin Cash into your casino account and start playing any BCH casino games you like. After you manage to enlarge your bankroll, you can withdraw your winnings in BCH easily. The period of processing requests for withdrawals is from 0 to 24 hours. And the minimum withdrawal amount from the gaming account per transaction is 0.15 BCH.

Bitcoin Cash casino deposits

At Gunsbet casino, we have integrated Coinspaid, which is a unique payment system to deposit and withdraw various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash. In fact, CoinsPaid accepts payments in over 18 digital currencies. Also, you can convert cryptos back into 21+ fiat currencies such as Euros and Dollars. Thus, the CoinsPaid system includes a cryptocurrency exchange service with fiat support.

We can say confidently that Bitcoin Cash and Gunsbet casino go really well together. You can replenish your account and withdraw your winnings in BCH regardless of your geographic location. What’s more important, CoinsPaid system specializes in the iGaming market: among the corporate clients of the platform, there are dozens of online Bitcoin Cash casinos. The service allows players to withdraw their winnings in cryptocurrency many times faster than any other payment method.

In addition to crypto processing services, CoinsPaid has developed its own crypto wallet, released in early 2020. The wallet is intended for both individual users and corporate clients. In addition to the ability to store, receive and send dozens of cryptocurrencies, the functionality will include instant crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto exchange for verified users, as well as the option of regular and massive payments.

Is Bitcoin Cash casino safe?

Is Bitcoin Cash casino safe

Many major online casinos currently accept deposits and payout in Bitcoins Cash not least because it is safe to use BCH. All transactions in BCH online casinos via this cryptocurrency are 100% secure. These transactions are almost impossible to track as there is no history attached. If you have a reason to remain anonymous while online ВСН gambling, for example, if you are from a region where online casinos are not allowed, then using Bitcoin Cash is an option for safe gambling.

Let's also talk about the security of the Coinspaid cryptocurrency payment method. In Coinspaid, all clients’ funds are stored exclusively in "cold" offline wallets. Hot wallets contain only the operational funds required for instant payments and exchanges.

Each client determines a threshold amount, upon exceeding which his funds will be automatically transferred from the wallet in processing to the client's external address. Since payments in cryptocurrency do not involve a chargeback procedure, customers are reliably protected from buyers' fraud. Finally, high-quality processing services give customers access to detailed information on each transaction (such as KYT, Know Your Transaction). Therefore, you can safely enjoy gambling and play casino games with Bitcoin Cash!

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